Exactly Like You

Some fine medicine for the doldrums here…John Lawlor’s tenor guitar playing is just so unique and sublime that it makes me want to run a lap around the world.

There is just nothing not to like here: I love Lawlor’s chording technique and tone; I love his great hair; his snazzy all-American kitchen; his bashful chuckle before he begins the tune…the whole thing just makes me happy.

A little research reveals little about the man himself. Not a showy guy in the least, Lawlor, who is totally self-taught, hid himself and his amazing gift away after gigging around with his brother throughout the 70’s. Apparently it was only at the behest of a friend that Lawlor allowed himself to be recorded and uploaded to Youtube. I’m really grateful that friends like that are out there in the world.

I’d very much like to see Mr. Lawlor lay down some tracks for a proper recording. If anyone out there knows John or can help make that happen, please do get in touch. (I am serious.)


HT: TK Smith


2 thoughts on “Exactly Like You

    • Kevin — what a cool uncle! I would definitely like to learn more, including talk to you about maybe getting Mr. Lawlor down on tape (yes, tape! Ampex 300!). I’ll send you an e-mail now!

      g. edward weitl

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